Kaye Malins, the Executive Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, is a true Disney historian and a unique storyteller whose connections to The Walt Disney Company can be
traced directly back to its founding fathers, Walter Elias Disney and Roy Oliver Disney.
Kaye first met Walt and Roy when they returned to dedicate the Disney Municipal Park and Pool Complex in their boyhood
hometown of Marceline Missouri. During that trip Walt, Lillian, Roy and Edna were honored houseguests of Kaye’s
parents Rush and Inez Johnson. Those treasured days in 1956 sparked a family friendship that lasted a lifetime… and
solidified a larger-than-life presence that resonated with a young Kaye and persists to this day.
Through the next decade family vacations often focused on visits to California where a Disney Studio tour or much anticipated
visit to Disneyland were often personally lead by either Walt or Roy.
As time passed Kaye’s personal relationship with other members of the Disney family continued to solidify. In fact, her
current job as Executive Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum can be directly traced back to her friendship
with Walt’s younger sister Ruth. At the time of her passing, Ruth instructed her son Teddy Beecher to donate her personal
family collection to Kaye with the hopes that she would create a museum to honor her famous siblings in their beloved
Kaye kept her promise. In 2001, The Walt Disney Hometown Museum was officially christened to celebrate the 100th
birthday of a true American legend. As a founding board member Kaye has dedicated her life to the Disney family. The
museum showcases Walt’s small town values and Midwest spirit, and continues to inspire future generations to accomplish
the impossible.
Over the years, her personal Disney stories have been shared on American, German and Japanese television. Kaye was
a frequent speaker at the Disney Institute, and has appeared at numerous Disney Leadership Conferences, Disney Tradition
Courses and was honored to be the first presenter in the Imagineering WED room.
Kaye is about to enter her 18th year in the role of Executive Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. She currently
lives on the old Disney Farm, and continues to dream about completing Walt and Roy’s ‘Marceline Project’ vision.

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