Tom & WaltTom Nabbe is a native of Santa Barbara, California; Tom’s family moved to Anaheim from Los Angeles a year before Disneyland opened. He started as a newspaper boy at Disneyland on July 19, 1955.

In June of 1956, Walt Disney hired him to portray the character of Tom Sawyer on Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland. After being Tom Sawyer (’56-’61) he worked all of the rides & attractions at Disneyland. He was promoted into management and relocated to Florida in January of 1971.

After the Walt Disney World opening in 1971, Tom worked most of the attractions areas in the Magic Kingdom. In 1979, he was assigned to the EPCOT project P.I.C.O. team and in 1984, the Company restructured and he was promoted to the manager of WDW Warehousing and Distribution Services where he remained until his retirement in 2003.

In 2005 the Walt Disney Company inducted Tom as a Disney Legend and the Disneyana Fan Club inducted Tom as a Disney Legend in October 2006 at the first East Coast Convention at Walt Disney World.

Tom is a published author as of September 2015 and copies of his book “ From Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer to Disney Legend” are available on his website or at

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