Doug Burwell was born in 1955, the same year that Disneyland opened. A year later, his parents drove him and his older sister across the country to sunny California. At Disneyland, Doug must have been sprinkled with pixie dust because he fell in love with the park and all of its magic.
At the early age of five, his family also introduced him to a model train set. This led to a passion of collecting and operating toy trains. For the next few decades he concentrated mostly on Lionel trains until 1996 when he saw for the first time a Schuco Disneyland monorail set at a local train show. Of course, the set came home with Doug, and soon he became enthralled with this aspect of the hobby which now connected both his love for Disneyland and model trains.
After researching the production and history of Schuco Disneyland monorails for a few years, he decided to create a website,, for others to share information and to learn with him. Soon he was known around the world as the “Schuco Disneyland Monorail Guy.”
Continuing his many trips to Disneyland and displaying the Schuco Disneyland monorail models at train shows around the USA, something out of the blue happened between the years 2000 and 2005. Doug received three phone calls from three different contractors working for Disney. They wanted his input on projects for merchandise for Disneyland’s 45 and 50th anniversaries!
This is where Doug’s story begins. It is about his influence on two monorail models and the official Disneyland 50th anniversary DVD video. He is excited to share these experiences with the many other Disney fans at the Dayton Disneyana Show.