Alex Maher, Sr. Character Artist

Alex Maher was at the tender age of five when Disney caught his interest. Alex read all he could find on Disney and drew the characters constantly. He knew way back then that he had to work for Walt Disney’s company.

Mr. Maher began his art career aboard a U.S. Naval ship as an Illustrator-Draftsman. After his time in service, Alex held various positions as a graphic artist and illustrator in his hometown of Miami.

With encouragement from his parents and his wife Marian, Alex relocated his family to Orlando, in the summer of 1991, to pursue his dream of becoming a Disney artist. The first couple of months were the toughest until he finally got his “foot in the door” when he showed several character sketches to the manager at Walt Disney Creative Merchandise. Alex began as a contract artist for Disney and was thrilled to be able to  draw all his favorite Disney characters! However, he still felt like an “outsider”.

Finally, on December 6, 1993, Alex achieved his lifelong dream by being
hired on as a full-time Senior Character Artist with Walt Disney Attractions
Merchandise, which later became the Disney Design Group.

As a Senior Character Artist, Alex’s responsibilities include drawing all the Disney characters as well as training the younger character artists to make sure the
integrity of the Disney characters are upheld.