Disney Historian & Writer

Jim Korkis is an internationally acknowledged Disney historian whose hundreds of articles and presentations as well as thirty books related to all aspects of Disney have been enjoyed by people worldwide for decades. He was one of the original members of the National Fantasy Fan Club when it debuted in California. In 2017, he was given the Heritage Award by the National Disneyana Fan Club that had only been awarded once before to Leonard Maltin.

He currently writes three weekly columns and two monthly columns about Disney history for several websites. He was a “friend of Merlin” for the Sword in the Stone ceremony at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, an animation instructor at the Disney Institute as well as Disney Feature Animation Florida, the off screen narrator for Disney’s syndicated Secrets of the Animal Kingdom television series, and guest speaker for the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco at the request of Diane Disney Miller among many other accomplishments.

An example of a video he both wrote and performed for WDW Yellow Shoes Marketing is Walt Disney’s Love of Steam Trains. He has been a guest at Dayton Disneyana before and is eagerly looking forward to once again attending.